About Us

Industry experts with a social ethos

The team


Founder and CEO

20 years industry experience specifically in management of developments and risk. 


Interim CTO

Highly experienced CTO with specialist expertise in GIS and remote sensing. 


Operations Director


Real Estate Fund



Governance & Strategy Advisor

10 years development 

experience and MSc Spatial Planning. 

Gareth is a renowned and trusted real estate financial sector advisor with nearly 30 years experience.  Gareth specialises in the assessing and balancing risk and commercial viability.  ​

Co-author of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors  (RICS)  Guidance on Project Monitoring. Property finance & risk expert, entrepreneur, philanthropist  and RICS board member. ​

The Support Network

We are attending the Catalyst AI accelerator. ​

Supported by Santander Universities. Oxford Brookes are on a mission to support industry with Ethical AI development .​

The team are alumni of  Geovation  (HM Land Registry  & Ordnance Survey)​

We have strong links to Brunel University & Warwick Business School providing access to a regular pipeline of intellectual resource.​

Creative Destruction Lab‘s international Accelerator. As alumni we are supported by some of the biggest property funds and technology businesses globally. ​

Microsoft are governments 

preferred tech solution provider and our preferred technology venture partner. ​

Why 7 Gen Analytics?

Sustainable development is a development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

7 Gen takes its name from the Seventh Generation Principle of the native North American Iroquois nation. The principle states 'that every decision we make results in sustainable relationships that last at least seven generations into the future'. We hope our analysis of our increasingly complex built environment will move humanity closer to achieving this goal.