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Urban Design Competition (Work in progress)

About the Competition

The 7 Gen team, the world renowned Great Ormond Street Hospital and Assemble are calling upon Brunel’s students to aid us in the design of our inclusive play intervention competition. The aim is to design play interventions for young people with sometimes life-threatening diseases and illnesses. The winning proposal judged by a panel of experts will be showcased at the legendary annual 'Play Street' run by Great Ormond Street Hospital. 



  • Sketch, model, or photo edit an inclusive play intervention area for abled and non abled children.

  • The materials of the play area must be sustainable.

  • It needs to be accessible for both patients and visitors.

  • The play area must have portability options.

  • The play area must be easy to sanitize.

  • The view must contribute to goals 3,4,10, and 11 of the UN goals for sustainable development. *

  • the Competition can be worked on individually or in groups of up to five.

  • The design needs to be simplistic.

  • The design can include sensory, Imagineering, and musical elements.


  • A sketch, a model, or a CAD design of the play area

  • 1 page of a list of play area materials

How the winning entry will be decided

  • All projects submitted will be viewed by a panel of judges.

  • The winning entry will be the play area that meets the sensitivity of the brief outlined with a view to be installed at the GOSH annual “Play Street”.

  • After the first installation at the “Play Street” the intervention will be donated for all to use at GOSH.


  • Opportunity to work for an incredibly notable cause.

  • Recognition from notable brands.

  • Opportunity for an internship with our startup company to work on designing the play area.

  • Looks great on the CV!

Competition Inspirations


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