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Meet the team

Brandon Bell Founder and CEO

Brandon Bell

Founder and CEO

20 years urban development experience and trying to put a Masters of Sustainable Development to effect in a social impact focused business. 

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Iain MacPherson  Research Director

Iain MacPherson

Research Director

Iain is a passionate urban researcher, chartered town planner and author of the RTPI research "Measuring What Matters.” 

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Sally Zaranko

Director of Creative Learning

Sally has worked in both secondary education and a local authority, in senior positions, for over 20 years. Specialising in vulnerable learners and those most at risk of exclusion, she brings a 'hands on' perspective of young people and education.

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Cathie Jeannot  Head of People and Culture

Cathie Jeannot

Head of People and Culture

Cathie helps us find, motivate and retain the team. She champions company culture, supports team leaders, and ensures sustainable growth.


Anuraag Jain

Interim CTO

Anuraag Jain is a veteran technology strategist who has led multiple highly regulated technology businesses to success. As our interim CTO he will guiding our technology strategy to ensure agile, scaleable and compliant. 

Elliot Hughes Operations Director

Elliot Hughes

Operations Director

10 years development experience and MSc Spatial Planning. 


Stylianos (Stelios) Kampakis

The Data Scientist

Stelios comes from a diverse scientific background that includes, a  PhD in Computer Science, but also degrees in AI, statistics and Psychology giving him a unique perspective in the world of technology, 


Is this you???

Passionate Individual 

Has a lifetime of wanting to make the world a better place!

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